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asterlingidea is my pseudonym for the one (wo)man band, independent jewellery design business I - Hannah Morris – set up in 2012. From my studio workshop in Kirkcudbright I create weird and wonderful pieces. As a primarily online business, I work remotely with clients all over the world to create jewellery for them. However, in the last couple of years, I have welcomed more local (and not so local!) folk into the studio by appointment. As my work is so bespoke and just made by me, I don't have the stock to supply shops and galleries with my jewellery, so you can only buy/view my work through my website or by visiting me. From time to time, I take part in group exhibitions where my jewellery can be seen and purchased.







I produce bold, abstract one off pieces of jewellery using recycled and ethically sourced metals and stones. My specialisation is in re-purposing inherited and old jewellery into new jewellery, but I do still take on commission work where I source all materials, too. All of my pieces are handmade, from scratch by myself in the studio. I melt and draw my own metal, set my own stones, create the individual settings, forge all components, I do not cast any items – every single piece is individually made to your personal spec. The only outside process is undertaken by The Edinburgh Assay Office, who test the metal to ascertain that it is indeed, what I claim it to be and and place both my makers mark and their own Hallmarks on my work to verify this.


I work with silver and all types of gold as well as all precious and semi precious gemstones. I can incorporate more left field materials such as bone, gold teeth, hair and breast milk encapsulated in resin into a piece for you. If you've got something a bit odd you'd like to include, get in touch and ask if it's a possibility. Unfortunately I don't work with platinum/palladium (though stones can be removed from), base metals, costume jewellery, glass, faux pearls etc. I also don't take on work outside of my style or repairs out with my own pieces.







I find it difficult to pinpoint exact inspirations behind my work. I am driven to create pieces that are rough, unrestrained, raw. That hold imperfections and flaws to the light and bathe in them. Statements in their own right which have a primitive side that contradicts with the facets and fire of the gemstones contained within them. Fuelled by a tiny spark, a memory, a mood, a person, a sentence. I consider the form and direction of something  in my mind before I begin it's journey but I do not plan out its each and every detail on paper. I prefer to dive straight in, giving a piece space to unravel itself, evolving into organic lines and free form textures sometimes with a subtle push by hand if it feels right. Adding in opposing colours, metals and embellishments to make jarring juxtapositions, which as dictated by concepts of design should not work – but do. The lack of control and spontaneity the process generates is something I find frustrating, but in the next breath intensely satisfying to keep up with and adapt at every stage through to completion.  I believe that in any creative expression, rules are made to be broken, boundaries, there to be pushed and methods experimented with. Nothing is too precious to be torn apart and put back together again. In the tearing down and reworking, it's my vision to create pieces that speak their own, new stories in harmony with the older narrative.