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Recycled, Fairtrade & Ethical designs handmade in Kirkcudbright, Scotland by Hannah Morris

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The Commission Process


The Remodelling Process


Are you thinking about having an existing piece of jewellery remodelled?  

To have a piece remodelled into a new design there are a few things I need to know before we can get started – the following pointers are an ideal checklist for us to get the ball rolling.



A good clear image of the existing item will really help me to see exactly what we are working with in a way that words just can't do. If you can take a few clear snaps using daylight to capture as much detail as possible this will be a huge help. For example, if you are remodelling a ring, try to take images of the stones, the settings and the size. A picture with your camera phone will do the trick, it doesn't need to be a professional image.


Details about the jewellery.


Do you know the metal type of your jewellery?

Try to include this information so that I know what I will be working with. Is it 18k gold? Is it Sterling Silver? it is quite common that extra metal will need to be added to create the final design.

I work with most types of metal aside from platinum. Although, if you have a platinum piece I can remove stones and reset them in to other metals. Just get in touch if you have an enquiry about this.


What type of stones are we working with?

Just share what you know about the stones – what kind are they? Do you know their size? Again, a really good clear photograph will help endlessly with this. I can often guesstimate sizes and cuts from a good photograph alone.


What is the weight of the piece overall?

If you have this information handy it will be useful. If not, then you might even be able to get a good idea on a pair of digital kitchen scales. Don't panic, it's not crucial.


How much will it cost me?

Of course you'll be wanting to know how much it will cost to have your piece remodelled. At this early stage it is quite like asking how long is a piece of string. This is why providing the above information is so imperative. Until the design is finalised it is difficult to gauge a rough cost. However, there is no commitment and I'll work with you to ensure you are happy with both

cost and design. If you have a budget in mind – please let me know.


How to get the existing jewellery over to me?

Once you are happy to proceed,  I'll need you to post the jewellery to me. I recommend using Royal Mail Special Delivery for peace of mind which is signed for, tracked and insured to the value of the item.


Ideas about the design?

You need not be a designer yourself but asking yourself these questions will really help to understand exactly what it is you want from your commission. It might be that you have no idea or want to leave it entirely up to me to create something, this is ok too. But if you do have any ideas or thoughts, please do share them. Your input is invaluable to the process and the more information you give will help realise the design in its final form. More information about the commission process can be found here.